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S-H: Renato Agoncillo

i-it's been so long ; v ; 


:blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose: :blackrose:

Name: Renato Agoncillo

Nicknames: Doy (the name his Parents usually call him by)

Age:   28 years old (Year Born: 1865 | Year entered Sybal Heim: 1892 )

Physical Age: 27 years old

Height: 5'4

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Dark Brown



                Renato is willing to do anything (Well, perhaps anything within reason) to get back to what he considers as the real and only reality that matters and find out what happened to his family.



            Without any other choice, Renato decided to resume his practice of Medicine in Sybal-Heim. While staying in this realm is something he would not like to think about, he is unable to ignore the call of his duty to give his aid to those he need his help. He finds solace in being able to meet kind hearts which at least helps him remember that the people around him are definitely real human beings.


            Renato also finds joy in continuing to write. Majority of the time, his works consist of memoirs and stories of his homeland in an effort to try to still feel connected to his home. He also finds interest in hearing and writing down the stories of the other residents of Sybal-Heim, especially those who came from a time and place where they fought for the liberation of their country. He writes these down in hopes that when he does come back, he will be able to share these new learnings to his fellow Ilustrados in their own battle.

Sybal Form:

           Haliya (Named after Guardian deity of the 7 moons from Philippine Mythology)

                :bulletblue: A 10 feet tall eternally floating androgynous figure with fluttering 'arms' weaved with the stars and colors of the heavens. Their face is concealed by a mask made of gold that is marked with the same Kalinga design tattooed on their porcelain-like torso. Despite it being a mask though, Haliya is still able to display animated emotions as if the mask was their own face.

                :bulletblue: The gold halo around their head and the stars and moon that hang below their torso exude a soft light.

                :bulletblue: The stars in their 'stomach' make soft twinkling sounds if you're close enough to hear them.

                :bulletblue: Their hair continuously billows in the air, even if there was a noticeable lack of wind present.

                :bulletblue: While despite being an embodiment of the heavens, Haliya exudes a natural warmth that is soothing to any person who comes in contact to them or anyone who just stands near their vicinity.

                :bulletblue: Touching Haliya's 'arms', without presenting yourself as any form of danger, would generally yield to touching cloth with a similar texture to cotton fabric. When Haliya moves their arms, the image of the heavens merely shifts, as if they were windows to the galaxies themselves despite it obviously looking only like cloth. (Think Count of Monte Cristo animation)

                :bulletblue: When Haliya speaks, their voice sounds like the voices of a man and a woman resonating together.

Sybal Power:

     Divine Embrace  

                   :bulletblue: When Haliya senses danger and wishes to protect someone who is about to be hurt, they softly envelop said person with their arms, keeping them out of sight. When the person/object bearing a threat to the person is about to slam into Haliya's arms with their attack, instead of landing a hit, they are sucked through the arms and are teleported 10-20 feet away from Haliya's point of origin, exiting through a gash in the air bearing similarity to the design on Haliya's arms before it disappears instantly the moment the threat passes through.

                   :bulletblue: However, if the attacker/strike/attack is bigger than Haliya, then they will not be able to redirect it.
                    :bulletblue: While inside Haliya's embrace, the stars and moon hanging from below her torso acts as a light source for the person inside.

Docile or Feral:


If possible, Renato has a much more soothing and calmer presence in his Sybal Form. As Haliya, Renato is able to connect more to his protective and compassionate instinct with other people to the point where can often act too 'motherly' to them. He finds himself much more comfortable with connecting to others in his Sybal form.


+ Kind | Nurturing | Empathetic | Intelligent | Well Mannered | Responsible +
- Stubborn | Overprotective | Argumentative | Prideful | Prejudiced -

Renato finds it in himself easy to be kind to others, often putting other's needs before his own especially when it comes to people close to him and his family. As the eldest of the family and as the caretaker of his siblings when his mother passed, Renato puts a lot of pressure on himself to be the dependable person he must be. He is naturally caring when it comes to people who need help and generally forgives people all too easily when they do him wrong, especially if they're loved ones or family.

But due to the environment Renato grow up in, he comes quite across as a man who has much pride in his principles and beliefs. He refuses to let anyone sway his opinion on something especially when it comes to the current status of his home country. He's very stubborn in that aspect of his personality and he's guilty of having prejudices against Spanish people and Friars. Some people may also see his protective nature as annoying and overbearing, as he can be very meddlesome in other people's matters at times, especially when it concerns their safety.


    The year is 1865, the country of the Philippines, a country in Southeast Asia, remains under the rule of Spanish Colonization ever since they came in the year 1521, citing their right in the Treaty of Tordessillas with Portugal wherein it stated that everything to the west of a line that divided the world would belong to Spain. The next decades were spent with bloody attempts of fighting back and reclaiming a homeland turned foreign to the Filipinos, suffering abuse under the hands of a corrupt government and opportunistic friars that sought to serve their materialistic pleasures before their spiritual calling. By the late 1800s, when the Philippines finally opened the capital to foreign traders, the economic boom gave ample opportunity for the rise of the middle class Filipinos, a group that was below aristocratic Spanish Officials, families and religious orders but higher than the masses that consisted of the poor and uneducated Filipinos. These middle class families were fortunate enough to even have enough money to send their children to colleges and universities in the capital or even to abroad to study.

    And this is where the Ilustrados come to play, the wealthy and highly-educated Filipinos that traveled to Spain who were part of the Campaign of Reforms or the Propaganda Movement that began in 1882 that desired a different approach: to assimilate the Philippines as a Province of Spain where the Filipinos would be able to enjoy the same rights and privileges of all Spanish Citizens.
    The year is 1865, Renato Agoncillo is born as the eldest brother of 5 siblings to Valeriana and Roman Agoncillo in Manila on February 14. Unfortunately, by the time Renato's 5th sibling was born, his mother passed away due to complications as she gave birth, leaving Renato to take charge of taking care of his siblings while his father worked at his legal firm to support his family. Refusing to let the servants do his job for him, Renato took it as his own responsibility to raise his siblings as how he believed his mother would while managing to balance his studies and schooling to become a doctor in Ateneo Municipal.

    But just like any other Filipino, Renato dreamed of a land where the Filipinos weren't slaves to their own country.

    The year is 1888 when Renato finished his schooling and sailed to Spain to join the Propaganda Movement. He furthered his schooling on medicine there with the help of his father who supported him. There he met other fellow ilustrados like himself who were deeply involved with the cause and joined many Pro-Filipino Societies and Freemasonries. Then came the founding of the La Solidaridad newspaper founded by a fellow ilustrado in 1889. This newspaper existed to extol liberal ideas and to defend the progress of the Philippines. It became the the propaganda arm of the Filipino reformists in Spain as it became the way of communication between ilustrados all across Europe. Renato, still wanting to be a bit more help, joined this newspaper under the pen name of Haliya, after his favorite myth story told by his mother when he was young.

    For 3 years, Renato wrote countless articles and editorials that expressed that wishes and goals of the reformists and called out the Spanish government for the corruption in their leadership and Church in the Philippines. He reached a point where he had to give up his schooling to fully dedicate his time to writing for the La Solidaridad. But 3 years was too long for Renato. Renato who didn't waste time replying to letters from his Family as soon as he got them. Renato who woke up every morning missing the cheer and loud voices of his little brothers and sisters. Renato who missed the smell of his father's cigar at night by the balcony. Renato who spent his days in a lonely room just writing and writing. Renato who just simply missed his home and family.

    It certainly didn't help that the Propaganda Movement hadn't made any major progress. The Spaniards were too busy dealing with their problems to listen to their voices, the reformists themselves were too busy arguing with each other that they forgot their common enemy and the lack of funds was a never ending nightmare. It certainly didn't help that the Friars in the Philippines had influential friends and supporters in Spain that blocked every attempt the reformists made to introduce their call for reforms.

    All of his 3 years in Spain felt like time wasted to Renato. Time he could've spent with his family. Time he could've spent helping the Filipinos personally back home as a practicing doctor. Time he could've actually used to do something productive for his country instead of wallowing in a dark room asking for a miracle.

    The year is 1892 when Renato resigns from the La Solidaridad, backs out of the movement prematurely and goes back home. On his way back home, Renato himself made up a new resolve to join the revolutionary movement named the KKK (Kataastaasan Kagalanggalang na Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan/Supreme and Venerable Association of the Sons of the People) after being invited to join the society via a letter from his cousin. Unlike the reform movement, the KKK sought total independence from the Spaniards and weren't shy of using brute force to achieve that.

    But as he arrives back in Manila in late September, he comes to a home ransacked and strewn apart by flames and his family nowhere in sight. The neighbors are too busy panicking to actually help Renato and there is no sign of help anywhere. It's as if someone knew he was coming back home today and decided to play a horribly cruel joke on him. Just as when Renato is about to rush in the house full of flames to find his family, he hears Marina's, his youngest sister's, voice screaming for help behind his house and so he ran. He runs past the crowds of people and into the forest behind his house where he hears his sister's plea for help.  

He runs and runs deeper into the forest, calling out over and over again, until he comes to a land too far away from home once more.

Additional Information:

:bulletblack: Still does not know what happened to his family

:bulletblack: Not very open with how he's able to cook well

:bulletblack: Is not open in general with any skills he thinks are feminine cause they had strict gender roles back then lol

:bulletblack: Knows Tagalog and Spanish



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